Brand Unification.

No one in the Equippers Group was using any formal guidelines or at the very least were using almost decade-old assets. I was part of a team to unify the brand identity of the Equippers Group.

Client: Equippers Group
Date: August 2017
Services: Identity and Visual Guidelines


Signature Clear Zones
The following is the clear zone rule for the vertical and horizontal Equippers Signature. In order to gain maximum visibility, the Equippers signature should always appear with a minimum area of clear space around the logo. This space should be free of any type of graphical element. Using the height of the symbol as “x”, the clear space is a 1x area around the entire Signature. This rule applies to all versions of the Equippers Signature on all mediums.


The Revolution Signature
The revolution signature is part of the Equippers Group but can be used in isolation. The signature hexagon is the key identifying factor that frames the aesthetic brand of ‘the revolution’. Clear areas outlined below are to be followed at all times. The Revolution signature should never be altered, tilted, distorted, manipulated or disassembled on any application. The exception to this is colour, the logo is provided in two base colours – black and white. The provided base colours are however not a limiting factor and can be changed to reflect aesthetic.

Detailed Use cases

Detailed use cases were created to make it easy to understand the various signatures and their uses in both digital and print mediums. This allowed designers to be clear on where to use each subsequent signature and remain unified on the end branded product.