Productivity Enhancement

01. The Client

SENZ equips and trains people for a better future.

They are committed to providing foundational training and employment services to people who require support and guidance to access training and employment opportunities. In partnership with the Ministry of Social Development they offer a completely free recruitment service to employers.

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Client: SENZ
Date: Ongoing
Services: UX/UI, System Design

02. The Problem

SENZ staff are struggling to deliver core business KPI’s because of outdated business tools.

03. User Research

Stakeholder meetings, User observation, User interviews ]
General Manager

Recently brought on the team to bring enhanced productivity

Pain Points:

    • Highlighted poor visibility for manager(s), affecting tracking team performance, which in turn, has flow on repercussions with reporting to the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).
    • Current tools are not agile enough to pivot with the ever-changing MSD funding models and requirements for new/existing contracts
Summarised need: Transparency / Efficiency

Three remote offices with staff constantly out in the community

Pain Points:

    • Double handling of information throughout the current business tools
    • Manual (by hand) administration tasks affecting security and accuracy.

Observed inefficiencies:

    • Five-year-old technologies and processes that reflect past MSD contracts and requirements are slowing workflow down considerably.

Staff goals:

  • Be in the community doing what they want/need to do and have a system that serves that
Summarised need:  Efficiency

Assigned by the Ministry of Social Development

Observed Pain Points:

  • Handwriting details took significant amounts of time away from the main purpose of their visit.
  • Handwriting affected readability and led to mistakes which in turn could affect course progression

Summarised need: Ease of use/Security

04. The Plan

[ User feedback loop initiated ]
Open-ended micro meetings
‘Would this work if?’
‘What do you think about….?’
Corporate meetings
Formal presentation 
Facilitated discussion

05. Analysis

[ Basic diagram for reference, more in-depth breakdown cannot be disclosed ]

06. The Proposal

Presented Solution:
Current CRM that was created for a previous context was found to be the main issue. Therefore, the creation of a tool which streamlines administration to make way for a business workflow and partners clients with the staff was designed and presented.

06. Next Steps

Go to market proposal creation

(incl. wireframing and detailed automated/manual function flows)

Complete tender process

(incl. developer feedback)

Proposal and Budget submission

Presentation to senior stakeholders.

UI Design

Assets creation and handover to developers

Client: SENZ
Date: Ongoing
Services: UX/UI, System Design